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Daily Quiz > 2018-11-01 > Multiple Choice Questions

Daily Mcqs 1-11-18:

1)      I) In 2018, the ease of doing business index of India is plunged further.

ii) Of all the indicators, “Registering property” within india is the worst performing one.

Select the correct statements

a)       Only I b) only ii c) both d) none.

2)      This committee is constituted by GoI as” Task force on Artificial Intelligence”for India Economic transformation.

a)       Dr. V.Kamakoti Committee

b)      K.Kasturirangan committee

c)       Ashwini kumar committee

d)      K.Vinod kumar committee

3)      GRIHA scheme is initiated for sake of :

a)       Promoting green buildings in india

b)       Housing for all by the year 2020

c)       Basic housing facilities for migrant workers

d)      An initiative of state government of Telanga to provide 2BHK home to allurban poor.

4)      I) The largest constituency based on number of electors at present is the Ghaziabad constituency in state of U.P.

ii) The election petition is just like an ordinary civil suit against any person in the constituency.

iii) The original jurisdiction of trailing election petitions lies with the High court.

Select the incorrect statements

a)       All b) only ii&iii c) Only iii d) only I & ii.

5)      Elections are carried out through the first past the post system(FPTP) for these :

a)       Lok sabha and Rajya sabha

b)      Lok sabha and president

c)       Lok sabha and Legislative Assemblies

d)      Legislative Assembly and Legislative council

6)      I) At present there are only 5 recognized National parties

ii) Any political party if recognized as a state party in four states can be called as a national party

Select the correct statements

a)       Only I b) only ii c) both d) none.

7)      Drought tolerant adaptations of plants are like:

i)                    Waxy cuticles

ii)                   Reduced leaf area.

iii)                 Succulent leaves

Select the incorrect statements

a)       All b) only ii c) Only iii d) only I & ii.

8)      I) The judge of a High court is appointed by the governor of the respective state

ii) A person has to be an advocate of a high court for atleast ten years to be appointed as the judge of any H.C

Select the correct statements

b)      Only I b) only ii c) both d) none.

9)      I) Foreign portfolio investments can be made only by the individuals and corporates.

ii) FPI’s also forms as a part of Balance of Payments sheet of any country.

Select the correct statements

a)       Only I b) only ii c) both d) none.

10)   I) NATO is an intergovernmental military alliance among North American and European countries.

ii) Majority of NATO countries are from Europe including the most recent member of NATO .

Select the correct statements

a)       Only I b) only ii c) both d) none.

Answer key 1-11-18:

1)      B) Ease of doing business index is published by World Bank every year for around 190 countries based on 10 criteria from starting of business till resolving the insolvency issues . In 2017 indias rank was 100 and in 2018 it improved to 77th rank by jumping almost 23 ranks.

2)      A)

3)      A)

4)      D) Largest constituency in electors is the Malkajgiri constituency in the state of Telangana.

Election petition is not any kind of ordinary suit because it involves the whole of the constituency but not a single person and new election is held if the election is termed as void by the court. The original jurisdiction of considering election petitions lies with the respective high courts where as the appellate jurisdiction lies with the supreme court.

5)      C)

6)      B) At present there are 7 National parties as of 2016 ie., BSP. BJP, INC, NCP, CPI, CPM, TMC.

7)      A) Apart from those , there is deeper root system for these plants insearch of water.

8)      D) The judge of any high court is to be appointed by the president on the recommendation of collegium of judges including the CJI. A person should have 5 years of experience as an advocate in High court inorder to be appointed as a judge of HC.

9)      B) Even the foreign governments can invest in other countries capital market as FPI.

10)   C) At present there are 29 member nations in NATO including 2 North American countries( Canada and USA) and 27 European Nations including Montenegro which is a most recent entrant of NATO.