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Daily Quiz > 2018-10-30 > Multiple Choice Questions

1)       I) An Electoral Bond is just like a promissory note that will be payable to bearer on demand and free of interest.

ii) Only a political party securing not less than six percent of the votes polled in the preceding election is entitled to receive the electoral bonds.

Select correct statements:

a)       Only I b) only ii c) both d) none.


2)       Doyang Lake, famous delicacy site for longest travelling raptors Amur Falcons is located in which state?

a)       Nagaland

b)       Manipur

c)       Meghalaya

d)       Arunachal Pradesh


3)       I)  Central Vigilance Commission is a statutory body under CVC Act and serves as the apex anti-corruption body.

ii) Both CVC and CBI is established on santhanam committee recommendations.

Select correct statements:

a)       Only I b) only ii c) both d) none.


4)        i) The WTO does not regulate the actions of companies engaged in dumping.

ii) Anti dumping duty in india is imposed by Ministry of commerce.

Select correct statements:

a)       Both    b) Only I   c) None   d) Only ii.


5)        Which of the following statement is correct?

a)        Both India and Britain have written constitution.

b)       The king of Britain have almost equal powers to that of president of india.

c)        The upper house called as House of Lords in both the countries.

d)       Both the countries have parliamentary type of government.

Answer key: 30-10-18:

1)      A) Only a political party recognized under RP act of 1951, is eligible to get funds through electoral bonds if they secure valid votes of not less than 1% in the preceding election.

2)      A)

3)      C)

4)      B) Though the Ministry of commerce recommends the anti-dumping duty , it is levied by the Ministry of Finance.

5)      D)