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Daily Quiz > 2018-09-24 > Multiple Choice Questions

1) A) While monitoring of quality of rivers, the CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) primarily measures the Biological Oxygen Demand.
R) If BOD is higher, then the quality of river is poor.
    a) Both A & R are true; R is correct explanation of A
    b) Both A & R are true; R is not the correct explanation of A
    c) A is true & R is false
    d) Both A & R are false.

2) i) The CIC has suo moto power.
    ii) The CIC falls under Ministry of personnel.
    Select the correct statements:
a)    Only I b) Only ii c) Both d) none.

3)    i) There is no upper limit on the subsidy provided by the government.
ii) This is first of its kind farmer scheme in the country.
         Select the correct statements:
a)    Only I b) Only ii c) Both d) none.

    4) This is not one of the criteria in Multidimensional poverty Index (MPI):
    a) Health     b) education       c) income       d) Employment.

5)    i) CARA ( Central Adoption Resource Authority ) is a nonprofit organization,
ii) Under the rules of CARA a single father cannot adopt a girl child.
       Select the correct statements:
       a) Only I b) Only ii c) Both d) none.

Answer key(24-9-18):

1)    CPCB( Central Pollution Control Board):
•    A statutory organization and technical wing under MOEFCC
•    Estd in 1974 under WPCP act 1974.
•    It is a quasi judicial organization.
•    Monitors both air pollution and water pollution.

2)    CIC ( Chief Information Commission):
•    Estd in 2005 under provisions of RTI act 2005.
•    Appeals pertaining to central government and Union territories.
•    Composition: 1 chairman + 10 Information commissioners (max).
•    Term: 5 years /65 years of age.
•    Submits report directly to parliament.

3)    PMFBY( Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bheema Yojana):
•    A subsidized farm insurance program launched in 2016.
•    A premium of  2% to be paid by farmers for all Kharif crops and 1.5% for all Rabi crops 5% for annual commercial and horticultural crops.
•    Coverage is provided for yield losses and post harvest losses.
•    Inclusion of hailstorms, cloud bursts, unseasonal cyclonic rainfall crop losses in the scheme.

4)    Multidimensional Poverty Index(MPI):
•    Released by UNDP and OPHI
•    three key dimensions – health, education and living standards,
•    Shows deprivations in Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)
•    More than 80% of the world’s poor live in South Asia and Africa.

5)    CARA( Central Adoption Resource Authority) :
•    A statutory body of Ministry of Women & Child Development.
•    The nodal body for adoption of Indian children.
•    The Central Authority to deal with inter-country adoptions.
•    Applicants have to be physically, mentally and financially stable to raise a child.