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Daily Quiz > 2018-09-19 > Multiple Choice Questions

1)    Alternative mechanism (AM) scheme proposed by union cabinet for the sake of :
a)    Amalgamation of the public sector banks
b)    Merging of telecom players.
c)    Merging of financial year with the fiscal year.
d)    Proposal for simultaneous elections.

2)    Select the correct pairs of Slash and burn agriculture and respective state
i)    Podu , Andhra pradesh.
ii)    Kuruwa, Jharkand.
iii)    Jum, Manipur
a)    All b) Only ii & iii c) Only iii d) Only I &iii

3)    India cooling action plan(ICAP) is proposed by this ministry:
a)    Ministry of External affairs.
b)    Ministry of Corporate affairs.
c)    Ministry of industries and commerce.
d)    Ministry of environment , forests and climate change.

4)    I) Worlds first hydrogen train is launched by the China.
ii) Steam and water are the only emissions of Hydrogen trains.
Select the correct statements:
a)    Only I b) Only ii c) Both d) None

5)    I) Under MPLADS( member of parliament local area development scheme) funds are allocated only to the elected representatives but not the nominated ones.
ii) The member from Raj sabha has to spend funds under MPLADS only in their respective constituencies.
Select the correct statements:
a)    Only I b) Only ii c) Both d) None

Answer key:
1)    A) Amalgamation of Public Sector Banks through Alternative Mechanism (AM) with an aim to facilitate consolidation among the Nationalised Banks to create strong and competitive banks.
2)    A)
3)    D) Indian cooling Action Plan(ICAP), which addresses cooling requirement across sectors and lists out actions which can help reduce the cooling demand. The  goal is to provide sustainable cooling and thermal comfort for all while securing environmental and socio-economic benefits for the society.
Targets under ICAP:
•    Reduction of cooling demand across sectors by 20% to 25 % by year 2037-38.
•    Reduction of refrigerant demand by 25% to 30% by year 2037-38.
•    Reduction of cooling energy requirements by 25% to 40% by year 2037-38.
•    Training and certification of 100,000 servicing sector technicians by the year 2022-23, in synergy with Skill India Mission.

4)    B) Germany has launched the world’s first hydrogen-powered train, a push to challenge the might of polluting diesel trains with costlier but eco-friendly technology.Hydrogen trains are equipped with fuel cells that produce electricity through a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, a process that leaves steam and water as the only emissions. Excess energy is stored in ion lithium batteries on board the train.

5)    D)